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The Memory Lane Café Launch Event

The Memory Lane Café Launch Event

img_9216Tuesday saw the launch of the Memory Lane Café, our new initiative aimed at helping those who struggle with dementia or memory loss. The launch event was attended by a variety of people from the local community, including representatives of local dementia charities, dementia research groups and other mental health organisations, as well as a representative from PPG, who very kindly sponsored the Friends of Batley Library t-shirts the committee members were wearing.

The Café will run on the second Tuesday of every month, and each session will be filled with activities designed to help people remember times past. The aim is to make sure that all who attend:

  • Enjoy themselves
  • Make friends, old and new
  • Feel comfortable at all times

The sessions will start at 13:30 with light refreshments (tea/coffee/juice/biscuits etc)

We will then share an activity together, which will vary depending on the theme of the session. Then we will have table activities, such as looking at old photos, playing games or perhaps just sharing memories.

It is hoped that as the session develops we can tailor the activities to the needs of the people who attend and of course, no one will be asked to do anything they do not feel comfortable with!

Upcoming Sessions

Tuesday 11th October – Fun and Games
A play day. A chance to remember life before modern technology.

Tuesday 8th November – Rich and Famous
Who’s who and what do they do?

Tuesday 13th December – Christmas Past
Bring something which reminds you of Christmas when you were younger.

The Memory Lane Café

The Memory Lane Café

flyer for the memory lane cafe

On Tuesday 13th September we will be holding our very first Memory Lane café, a session aimed at providing support to dementia sufferers and their carers, as well as anyone who feels that they may be suffering from memory loss and would like some information on the kind of support they could receive.

The sessions will run on the second Tuesday of every month from 1:30pm to 3:30pm at Batley Library and will include a range of refreshments and planned activities. Our launch event on the 13th will be an introduction to the group and is designed to give you a taste of the kind of activities we have planned over the coming months.