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Alice In Wonderland Escape Room Event.

Alice In Wonderland Escape Room Event.

Time stood still in Batley Library. The Hatter had nodded off with the Dormouse at his tea party while the March Hare was away doing ‘harey things’ in the woods. Alice was nowhere to be found, but the tea party was rudely invaded by a variety of costume festooned characters. Children and adults alike were encouraged, nay forced, to chemically conjugate a cup of green tea for the Hatter to bring him round from his sleep for the quest to begin. The Hatter was woken not once, not twice, not even thrice, but fourice times from his slumber by groups of potential escapees, all of whom had entered the library with the sole intention of getting back out as quickly as their powers of riddle and puzzle solving would allow them. ‘NO ROOM! MOVE!’ cried the Hatter, and the game began.

‘SPARKLE!’ Shouted the Hatter and many did, though sadly, not all. With a forty-minute time limit to solve the six Wonderland challenges, time was short and so was the Hatter’s temper. A quest began to find number, word and directional lock combinations, collecting red rose clues as they went. The groups encountered the invisible and the visibly reversed.“Curiouser and curiouser,” a trick of the looking glass, nothing was as it first seemed. With time and the groups’ credibility running out like an hourglass with an enema, the pressure was palpable. Beads of sweat were forming on the Hatter’s forehead as the obvious was ignored in favour of the unfathomably wrong!With the mercury streaming through his grey matter, the Hatter was relieved and a little saddened by the ultimate success of every group, with the fastest group coming in two minutes under time and the slowest group coming in 25 seconds under time. No one was ultimately locked in the Library for the rest of Halloween, and all participants had a lovely tea party of their own in the basement with tea, beverages, jam sandwiches, an assortment of fancy cakes and jam tarts.

‘BRING ON THE NEXT CANDIDATES. I WANT MORE!’ exclaimed the Hatter.  And he’ll get more on Saturday 15th December! Check out Ticketsource for details on tickets! 

The Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter
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Aviva Community Fund – Voting Now Open!

Aviva Community Fund – Voting Now Open!

We applied to the Aviva Community Fund for some funding to run adult education classes at Batley Library and the good news is, we made it through to the voting stages! 

This is a project designed to deliver adult education from September 2019. This is an area that has become non existent within the local area, with people having to travel miles to enable themselves to achieve the education they would like and need at a later stage in their lives. 
This will be a huge boost to our community and provide much needed skills to those benefiting from it. 

The aim is for the participants to achieve a GCSE in Sciences as a stepping stone to continue studying at A level (this would be done locally too with the funding). 
The money will make a difference, as it will be used to equip a classroom with an interactive whiteboard and Tablets / IT equipment, which are vital to the course criteria. 

There are also course books and fees for exams, which would enable the participants to fully engage in the project. 
The money would also enable the participants to take part regardless of their own financial situation / background. 

We would like to encourage people to vote for this project to inject some much needed further education into the area and enable people to reach their potential regardless of circumstances.

You can sign up to vote for the project here. You get ten votes so you can use them all on our project, or spread them out amongst other worthy causes, whichever you choose!